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The Place

Relax at the world class retreat center, Ananda Wellness Retreat Curacao. This space allows you to connect with nature using the five elements, earth, water, fire, space & air. In your free time, enjoy farm-to-table meals, the pool, hot tub, exercise room, labyrinth, and the singing of the birds. 

The Experience

Indulge your senses with a complementary facial or massage at the world class luxury salon and spa, 8 The Experience. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views, saunas and steam rooms.

The Curriculum

Learn the core skills/tools essential for entrepreneurs in today's market place; Focus, Measure, Engage, and Execute. Over 275 companies have graduated from the Qnity program. This is your unique chance to experience Qnity with international entrepreneurs across all industries. 

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"Entrepreneurship is growing at a exponential rate globally. This can be highly rewarding and daunting at the same time. This program is for entrepreneurs that are looking to not only earn more money, but do what they love and have great quality of life. The Qnity curriculum focuses on four key skills essential for any entrepreneur to thrive in today’s competitive market place: how to focus, measure, engage (your staff & clients) and execute. The vision of Qnity has always been global. Curacao offers us an opportunity to bring our vision to not only a more global marketplace, but to do so in an exotic and colorful location; to what to I think you will find is an undiscovered jewel in the Caribbean. "

Tom Kuhn
Founder/CEO of Qnity

"Any form of education or personal growth is really powerful. We need to have continuous learning and continuous growth, otherwise we are going to get complacent, and there’s nothing worse than that. Being an entrepreneur provides you with a platform, which you can do so many things to give back to your community. I get to create jobs for my team, providing education for them and giving them a space for personal growth."

Kimberly De Freitas
Owner of 8 The Experience

"Ananda’s vision is to create space where people can experience the changes they want to make in a safe & quiet environment. Ananda’s vision to provide first hand what wellness is all about in the food we eat by creating farm-to-table menus and also with connecting to nature using the five elements, earth, water, fire, space & air. Ananda has the facilities for swimming, exercising meditation & yoga for a complete wellness program. Qnity has the expertise to combine professionalism with personal attributes. Qnity program offers tools and skills to help build the strong foundation for success. It closes the gap on a personal level by building confidence & self love in each individual. "

Sharon Vassell
Sales & Marketing Manager at Ananda


Upcoming dates are June 25-27 and August 20-22nd. Scroll below for curriculum overview and pricing options. The core Qnity program has been experienced by over 275 business owners and 5,000 participants. Read below for the customized content you will experience in Curacao, designed exclusively to help Entrepreneurs prosper- personally, professionally, and of course, financially.


Foundational Principles for Entrepreneurs to prosper

  • Prosperity - What is the definition of prosperity for a business vs. you as an individual?
  • Unity - Why Unity is critical in your business, and how to create it; unity between the business and creative, head and heart, right brain and left brain, and more. 
  • Success Principles- Five key success principles for entrepreneurs to prosper

FOCUS - Module 1

Many of the most financially successful entrepreneurs credit laser focus to their success. In this module, learn simple Tools and Practices to help you get (and stay) focused.

  • The 3'C's - Clarity + Closure = Confidence 
  • Get CLEAR on your vision of prosperity using the QPlan, a visual planning and thinking tool
  • Gain CLOSURE on roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching the next level using a tool called the 9Grid
  • Learn a new way to create simple & visual goals, objectives, and action steps
  • As a result, gain another level of confidence

MEASURE - Module 2

Whether you love or hate numbers, measuring numbers is a non-negotiable for entrepreneurs. Learn a simple and visual way to track and grow your numbers. And, if you have employees- learn how to more effectively communicate them to increase growth

  • The fears/myths surrounding numbers
  • Learn Qnity's 2 Number Growth methodology, the most simple & visual way to grow your total sales
  • Align your goals, objectives and action steps to be consistent with your financial goals as well as your definition of prosperity from module 1

ENGAGE- Module 3

Clients work with people they like, and employees stay with employers they connect with. In this module learn to win both the hearts and minds of your clients and staff.

  • Learn the four actions to engage your clients & staff
  • Take ownership of your personal engagement
  • Simplify your interactions with clients for greater results
  • How to measure an engaged client through 2 Number Growth
  • The New Rules of Engaging potential & current clients and your staff

PROSPER- Module 4

We hated the word "Execute," so we called this module "Prosper" instead. That said, this module is all about execution, it's not about what you know, it's about what you DO. Leave with simple and visual tools to help you get it done. 

  • Learn how to manage your three most valuable, (and non-refundable) currencies in life- Attention, Time and Money
  • Execute and Capitalize on seasonal opportunities using the 8 Seasons calendar
  • Manage your entire business through Qnity's Five Business Functions
  • Through the skills and tools from the previous modules, leave with a concrete action plan to create lasting results

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