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Founded and run by Tom Kuhn, Kuhn is also the founder and CEO of The 2 to10 Project, a $350,000,000, 45 company, multi-location benchmarking and networking collaborative for salon market leaders. Kuhn has spent the past 35 years helping creative entrepreneurs prosper. He has the street credit that comes from successfully running a multi-location business. This includes six years as President and Co-owner of JUUT Salonspa, the original AVEDA™ salon, which during his tenure had 8 locations in MN and CA, 400 people and an annual revenue of $20 million. He also is a former CPA and an artist known for his ability to equally connect with both the creative and business members of teams.

Erin Kuhn

Director, Business Development & Partnerships

Carrie Perkins

Director, Education & Development

Jodi Ohama

Lead Educator

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Lead Qnity Educator

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Education Coordinator

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Director, Mentorship Program

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Chief Designer 

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Ambassador Mentor

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