Introducing Qnity 8 Seasons customized support

We find four key gaps to success within creative businesses, and hands down the most common is execution - over 87% of businesses fail to execute their strategy. If your team and business aren't executing, every other area of the business suffers. Let us help. Join this virtual program to receive seasonal support to successfully implement 8 Seasons.


About the 8 Seasons Program

Qnity has created a simple and visual system to help solve your execution challenges - 8 Seasons. This is a simple and visual calendar that allows you to plan your business based off the five functions. While we introduce the tool in our live courses, now is your opportunity to truly implement it within your company and with customized virtual support from Qnity. Read below for how it works.

What's Included:

KICK OFF: The first step of our work together will be a one time four hour session with leadership team to set up the calendar.*This is done via video conference, but we are happy to come on site if preferred

SEASONAL COACHING CALLS:  One hour coaching/check in call each season by your Qnity coach

FACILITATION: Two hour facilitation at the start of each season with Qnity and leadership team

WORKSHOPS: Seasonal workshops lead by 8 Seasons experts 

TOOLS: Wall sized 8 Seasons calendar, personal sized Five Functions/8 Seasons calendars for all members of leadership team 

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